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Pull the Plug on Bookkeeping Procrastination

Put a PROCESS in place to make it easy & painless to keep your books in order!

Bookkeeping Procrastination – How to Get Past It

We all know procrastination is the bane of the business owner’s life. Using the excuse of being “busy” makes it easy to postpone things that need to get done. This is especially true when the chore is the tedious thing called bookkeeping. Do any of these sound familiar?

· I’ll record my checks later

· I’ll find all my receipts tomorrow

· I can recreate all my charges for invoicing by memory

· I have lots of time to get my books done… next month!

The last one is my favorite because I can’t tell you how often I’ll get a call from someone in December, freaking out because it’s suddenly the end of the year. Guess what? It’s been coming the whole time!

How do we get past this mental roadblock to make it not such an obstacle?

By creating a PROCESS. Putting systems in place. The definition of a process is a series of actions or steps taken, to achieve a particular result.

Instead of floundering, by creating a Bookkeeping Process, you’ll know what you need to do to beat procrastination.

Let’s go through the list again and see how a Process can help.

· I’ll record checks written later (I’ll process checks online so I have an easy written record)

· I’ll find all the receipts from this month tomorrow (I’ll write details on the actual receipt as soon as I get them, then take a picture with my phone so I won’t lose them)

· I can recreate all my charges for invoicing by memory (I’ll create a spreadsheet to easily record charges to go out to customers)

· I have plenty of time to get my books done (I’ll set aside a specific time EACH WEEK to keep up with my bookkeeping so it’s not overwhelming)

Are any of these difficult? Nope! Putting a process in place that is workable to you in small steps will keep it from being overwhelming. Having these in place with help with the dread. No longer will bookkeeping be a stumbling block! Try it and you’ll be amazed at how much weight this takes off your shoulders. You have an actionable plan and things won’t get out of hand, which streamlines your bookkeeping and makes it manageable.

And if after reading this you’re still convinced it’s not for you, reach out to us because we can help! Saul Bookkeeping can look after individual things like billing and record keeping, or the whole lot of it, freeing up your time to do what’s important and enjoyable to you in your business! Reach out and set up a free, no obligation consultation to see how we can help take the fear out of your finances.

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