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How to "Staff Up" and Grow Your Business

It's important to have a community you can turn to for support, advice, encouragement or to bounce ideas around with! I'm a proud member of the Hera Hub group for entrepreneurial women, and recently did a "Business Booster" presentation on how to Keep your Business Out of Trouble!

Here are the basic points we covered:

Is it time to hire an employee or independent contractor for your business? Being ready to add help doesn’t start when you say, “You’re hired.” You have bookkeeping and HR tasks that need to be completed long before you utter those words. Learn what you need to have set up to smoothly add staff to your business.

• How to determine whether you’ll hire an employee or an independent contractor.

• Creative ways to make sure you choose the right person for your business.

• What documents you’ll need to protect your business from unnecessary human resources risk and liability.

• What state and federal forms are need for employees vs. contractors (W-2 vs. 1099, W-4 vs. I-9, etc.)

• What records the IRS looks for with employees and contractors (timesheet vs. invoice)

• Documents to support contractor (COI) and how it affects Work Comp coverage

I'm a Certified Bookkeeper, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and the Founder and Owner of Saul Bookkeeping, a provider of customized bookkeeping services for small business owners. Reach out to me at and let me take the fear out of your finances!


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