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Third Quarter Review of Accounts

As we head into Q3 it's important to do some basic checks so you're not scrambling at the end of the year.

Accounts Payable:

- Review to ensure there are no unpaid or open bills (especially important when we get to any yearend adjustments)

- pay off any bills that need to be recorded in the current year

- review if you should be prepaying any bills

Accounts Receivable:

Take a few minutes to sit down and review the following:

- review list of unpaid invoices

- remove any uncollectible invoices

- fix any errors on bills

- apply any necessary credits

- be sure your files are updated before sending year end statements

Chances are, a bookkeeper could do this faster (more efficiently = more effectively) than you can. Reach out to us at Saul Bookkeeping for a 30-minute FREE consultation on how we can make your life easier, and help maintain consistent cash flow & records for your business. We specialize in equestrian businesses of all kinds and sizes (English/Western, boarding, showing, training/sales etc.) as well as small law firms with generally 1-3 partners. We can help!


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